Liu Mesani, Mbesa Muvuko

wavinya ndeti

francis mwangangi kilonzo



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Machakos is a county with a rich heritage and a people of great resilience, optimism and hard work. It is a county endowed with natural resources and a conducive environment for business and fertile soils for agriculture. As a metropolis of Nairobi, the Capital City of Kenya, Machakos County possesses an enormous potential to transform itself into a bastion of social-economic transformation and prosperity. This is a journey I believe that, with the right leadership, we can confidently embark on. My vision for the people of Machakos is anchored in My Three Pillar Promise: Food Security, SocioEconomic Empowerment and Infrastructure. I intend to achieve food security for the people of Machakos through investment in modern farming practices and value addition chains for our produce. It is my believe that proper management of the sector will go a long way in creating jobs (directly and indirectly) and also enhancing food security for the people of Machakos. On socio-economic empowerment, I intend to invest heavily in health, education, and empowerment programs for the youth, women groups and community-based organizations. These will be achieved by addressing the needs of the different categories of citizens. Employees of the county government will be empowered to deliver services efficiently to citizens which is a key foundation for the attainment of my three Pillar Promise. Small and medium enterprises in sectors such as agriculture, trade (formal & informal), tourism and culture will be supported through value addition, attraction of investors, sourcing of markets, availing affordable credit and ensuring business-friendly county rates. On infrastructure, my governments will endeavor to identify and prioritize infrastructure projects to open and interconnect the county for economic prosperity. Through Public Private Partnerships, I intend to take advantage of the Public Private Partnerships model in financing projects in Machakos County. I will enhance Internet connectivity as an enabler of service delivery, digitized services at the county, job creation, trade and education through public private partnerships. My government will ensure that services are brought as close to citizens as possible through construction of sub-county offices to co-ordinate all devolved services at a level convenient to mwananchi. My three Pillars are founded on the principles of integrity, transparency, efficiency and civic engagement. I am confident we will reclaim the lost glory of Machakos County. I humbly urge you all to accord me the opportunity to serve you. Through the power of God and your support we shall make it. God bless our country Kenya, God Bless our great County of Machakos. Always at your service,