wamatangi paul kimani

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My Dear Fellow Citizens of Kiambu County Now is the time for change and a common sense approach towards good government through practical solutions so as to propel Kiambu County to greater wealth and prosperity. In order to achieve this, my next administration will be anchored on five key pillars that will ensure that our highest aspirations are met within the next five years. My future administration will place particular emphasis on critical areas of poverty alleviation, education, empowering our youth and women and supporting the elderly. This will help to ensure balanced, prudent and sustainable development across the whole of Kiambu County. Furthermore, this manifesto recognizes the need for provision of quality, affordable and accessible healthcare and also focuses on creating an enabling business environment for small, medium and large scale businesses. Finally, as will be demonstrated in our Five Pillars, the youth will benefit from educational opportunities, support for small businesses and startups and also increased employment opportunities via our multi-faceted approach to attracting and retaining business investments in Kiambu County. Five Pillars and Five Flagship Projects: Democratic Governance, the first Pillar under my administration is aimed at combating the corruption that has caused Kiambu citizens to lose trust in the county government. I intend to earn back your trust in our great county through unmatched service delivery and open, democratic governance. Under our second People-centered Pillar we shall ensure that we “Leave No Child Behind” in education and future employment opportunities. Additionally, there will be increased focus on improving healthcare for all residents, with a particular focus on maternal healthcare and child health services. Under the third Resources Pillar, we will focus on both conservation and sustainable utilization of Kiambu County’s natural resources. My Maji Nyumbani” Initiative will ensure that every home has piped water for domestic and farming use. Under my fourth Pillar, Competitiveness, we shall focus on a range of interventions. However, our top priority will be the Kazi wa Wote, program, in which all Kiambu citizens will be provided with increased employment opportunities through a range of measurable activities. Harmony, our fifth Pillar, will bring a renewed focus on uniting all the people of Kiambu. My administration will initiate the Kiambu Stands Tall with the Thika Industrial Smart City initiative under this project, Thika town will be developed into a world-class Industrial city, spurring growth to uplift the livelihoods for all Kiambu citizens.

I, Hon. Kimani Wamatangi, stand for transformation today, for a better Kiambu tomorrow! I therefore take great pride and pleasure in presenting to you this Kiambu 2022-27 Governor’s Manifesto, a covenant with the people of Kiambu and a roadmap of what we plan to undertake with the blessings of the Almighty, in order to keep my promise to you. All to the glory of God, County, and Country!