simon kachapin kitalei

achaule robert komolle



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When we handed over power in August 2017 after 5 years of serving the People of West Pokot, we left a remarkably developed county. We laid the necessary institutional and infrastructural foundation for the development of West Pokot.

We the People of West Pokot need to negotiate an election outcome that put our livelihoods and living standards first. In this Manifesto, we present to you a deal that guarantees everyone of us a desired livelihood and high quality of life.

We have the vision, experience, skills and development track record from our previous work within this County. We delivered an expanded access to quality and affordable healthcare, increased access to water and education. We also developed an effective, efficient and secure road network. To build the foundation of success, we must redouble our efforts.

We commit to the people of West Pokot to build our economy from the bottom to the top. We hope to create more jobs, raise living standards of residents; end inequality and reduce poverty levels.

Together, we will ensure an equitable and a Sustainably developed county.