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Leadership is knowing the way, showing the way and going the way. Knowing the way is having a vision, showing the way is mobilizing all of us as partners and going the way is having the courage to sacrice all comfort to deliver projects and programs efciently and effectively.

May I take this opportunity to heartily commend our GUSII Nation as a whole for your solid industrious nature and determination to make the best from the resource endowment in the county. Your resilience and magnanimity is testimony to our nature as Omogusii for it is through our collective efforts that we have earned a strategic and unique space both at national and international arenas. This exceptional determination will outlive many generations. To our partners, welcome to Kisii County – The land of possibilities.

Since the advent of devolution 10 years ago, our development needs and aspirations have been handled fairly at the local level albeit with mixed results. As is provided in our constitution, every five years, leaders seek fresh mandate from the electorate to get a chance to serve citizens in


Minto Mwanyagetinge, I hereby present to you my promise and commitment on how to redene and re-engineer the development path for our great county when given a chance to serve you as your second governor.

This manifesto is a roadmap towards the long journey of transforming Kisii into a model county. It highlights the policies and programs my government will develop and implement in order to actualize the dream of greatness that we all desire. I believe that for us to move this county to

greater levels of development, the spirit of 'one people one county' must prevail. Consequently, under my leadership I will strengthen devolution tenets by carrying out all development plans and policies through a structured and well- coordinated Public Participatory approach, empowering democratic self- governance and collaborative decision making as envisaged in the 2010 Constitution. Wide consultation at all levels with our citizens on policy and development matters will be the backbone of my administration upon which all programs on health, agriculture, roads, water, education, energy and business enterprises will be anchored. This is my rst promise to our people