NYERI COUNTY: Governor Mutahi Kahiga's Manifesto

mwalimu edward mutahi kahiga

david kinaniri waroe mwangi



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All people in Nyeri County have asked me to seek re-election for the Office of Governor to continue my work from where we have reached so far and I have humbly accepted the request. Thank you for the honor and trust you have in me. When I assumed the office as the Fourth Governor of Nyeri County, I led my team to develop a clear vision and mission for my government. On the basis of this visionary and missionary thrust, a lot has been achieved within a time span of four years. I am in agreement that in the first 4 years of my tenure as your Governor, the county has transformed in terms of growth from county number 45 in the world bank ranking assessment to number one. In 2018, I promised that I would make a difference and I am pleased to report that together, we have delivered the promises as I stipulated. Nyeri county has immense potential for growth, modernization, and prosperity. The growth that will not leave anyone behind; the modernization that secures our future for generations to come; and the prosperity that we can all share and enjoy as we walk together in the development path. As stakeholders, we have alongside worked very hard across this county and laid the foundations for a vibrant and modern county that provides us all with the platform to achieve our true potential. This work will continue at an unparalleled rate in the next five years. Employment creation is at the heart of my next government administration’s priorities number one. We commit to creating 200,000 jobs over five years to ensure that our people, particularly youth, women, and people physically challenged and the marginalized can secure and maintain good jobs that enable them to enjoy their livelihood. We will continue to promote investments in sectors that are growth-oriented and have high prospects of job-creating. We will build a hi-tech agriculture industrial revolution in the county to increase agriculture production to feed our people and have a surplus for export and manufacturing. Our plan is to continue to develop our county’s ICT incubators hubs, innovations, and energy infrastructure so that Nyeri attracts a global industry hub and, with it, a huge expansion in sustainable, high-quality, hi-tech jobs for everyone, young and old. My government has already delivered improved agriculture production, improved feeder roads at all sub-counties, food security, trade, tourism, marketing poverty reduction and expanded access to affordable health care, and high-quality public services delivery. We must now redouble our efforts to build upon the foundations of these successes. The task is not yet complete. The work must continue and should not be derailed. As I seek to continue to serve as governor of our great county, I am assured that I have the vision, experience, skills, and trust to deliver the stability, continuity, and responsible governance that our county needs at this critical moment in our development journey. As the past four years have shown, what I promised I have delivered. With this manifesto, I present to you my plan for how we will continue to make the aspirations of us all, and for our county, a reality. Our commitment to the people of Nyeri is to continue to work with all stakeholders to build on these strong foundations; create more and better jobs; raise the living standards of every citizen; end inequality and lift more people above the poverty line. Together, we will ensure a sustainable development and shared prosperity for all citizens in a prosperous, caring county. Together we have made giant strides in the last four years. We have put the county on the path of social and economic transformation. My fellow citizens am humbled to ask you to vote me back in order to maintain the momentum that we have built in the last four years to ensure that we take Nyeri county to the next competitive level as a highly industrialized county. It has been an honor and a privilege to lead this great county for the last 4 years. I believe my government’s record and my impeccable credentials are worthy of support and I ask you for your vote on August 9th, 2022.