Envisioning Mandera County's transformation together

mohamed adan khalif

ali maalim mohamud



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Who is Mohamed Adan Khalif? Why is he Mandera County’s choice for Governor, and what makes him stand out from the crowd?

Khalif has a wealth of experience in public administration and public policy implementation. A seasoned manager with more than two decades of professional experience, Khalif is currently the Speaker at Mandera County Assembly. As Speaker, he wields responsibility for enforcing adherence to the constitution, standing orders and relevant statutes. The role of ensuring loyalty to County Assembly traditions, procedures and practices and organizing the business of the house falls in his domain. Between 2005 and 2017, he served as Managing Director of Frontier Engineering, a limited[1]liability company based in Mandera. In this role, he successfully secured and implemented many National and regional construction projects, including roads, rural electrification, building works and a waterworks project valued at close to half a billion shillings. His duties also involved engaging with a diverse portfolio of stakeholders, for instance government officials, community groups and businesses. Before that, Khalif was the Chairman at Mandera Town Council. In his capacity as Chairman, he planned and surveyed the entire town, allocated 7,000 new plots and solved more than 2,000 land disputes, some of which had been pending for 20 years. Besides, he helped to improve land allocation procedures and, in the process, provided a voice to vulnerable community members. Other achievements under his belt were the establishment of more than 11 schools, relocation of KWS and setting up of the bus park to improve the livelihoods of neighboring communities.

Over the course of his career, Khalif has been closely involved in financial management, which makes him ideal to ensure that the finances generated under the County Government are properly managed. Khalif has a wealth of professional experience in managing people, projects and finances—just what Mandera County needs. He is a graduate of Kampala University where, in 2011, he was awarded the degree of Business and Management Studies. His key professional skills include strategic planning, appraisal of key performance indicators, public speaking, policy formulation and implementation, Khalif’s Able Running Mate. As a testimony to his leadership proficiency, Khalif has chosen as his running mate, a man with equally powerful credentials. This is none other than Dr. Ali Mohamud, who is an accomplished Board Director with more than 15 years of leadership experience in senior level positions, in profit and non- profit outfits, and in government. Currently, Ali is co-founder and Director of US-Kenya Business Council. For 13 years now, he has been Chairperson and Board Director of the Generation for Change and Growth. He is also Chief Executive Officer of Jambostar Properties Ltd, Board Director of the Green Blue Foundation Africa (GBFA), as well as Board Director of Kenya Environmental and Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI). He is also a conservationist with a passion for protecting natural resources, including forests and water catchments. project design, and programme planning and evaluation. Under the able governorship of Mohamed Adan Khalif, Mandera County would, without a doubt, prosper. Mandera would especially benefit from Khalif’s leadership because he understands this County not just from a geographical point of view, but also its history, economy, politics and culture.