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francis thoya foleni



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Greetings to the great people of the county of Mombasa! It is my distinct pleasure and honor to share my vision to transform our county society as your second Governor and County Chief Executive Officer. Over the past ten years, I have diligently served Mombasa County as the Member of Parliament for Mvita Constituency. During this remarkable journey, I have worked faithfully and dutifully to represent the people of Mombasa, legislate in your interests, defend Devolution and support the full implementation of the Constitution. Most importantly, I have been at the heart of efforts to unite the diverse communities residing in Mombasa county by creating a sense of communal belonging where everybody feels welcome regardless of religious or ethnic background. I have been at the forefront of defending the rights and resources of not just the people of Mombasa but the Coast as region because of how passionate I am about our potential to achieve greatness. This solemn partnership I have with the people of Mombasa has been recognized both locally and nationally. We have done many great things together. I remain eternally grateful for your confidence in my leadership and the opportunity you gave me to bring about a new beginning. And now, I seek to continue this journey hand in hand with you as your servant Governor.

Kenya as a country has come a long way in our 59 years of independence and so has Mombasa as the main port city. As one of the five city counties, with the second most dense population in Kenya, the last decade of those years has seen the people of Mombasa struggle with various emerging challenges. We have about 500,000 people who live in neighboring counties and commute to work in Mombasa; this also comes with its complexities. While Devolution presents a unique opportunity for development, as a County, we are yet to fully exploit this promise. I cannot do this alone; we have to do this together. We started the journey to become a smart city at the advent of devolution and together, we can win the future as we learn from the shortcomings of the past. This is why I felt the need to present myself to serve you as your next Governor. I understand these challenges, I have confronted them as a Member of Parliament for the past ten years and I have a plan to address them as your County Chief Executive. It is my mission to build on the gains made, learn from the shortcomings of the past and partner with you, the residents, in making a deliberate leap into the new beginning for Mombasa. The backbone of my agenda is to bring a new way of doing things in Mombasa through public participation. A government by the people and for the people. A government that you can trust because it is YOUR government.